Welcome to the Apostolic Immersion Project


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Leadership Training

Become a leader in God’s mission through immersion-style training.

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Language School

Study Spanish in Cuba – Serve in the Field


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AIP Leadership Training

God is calling each of us to spiritual leadership. Who and what we become is greater when we join others in the journey and learn together.

AIP Langauge School

Study Spanish in Cuba and serve on the mission field. Language immersion will take your Spanish to a whole new level.

About AIP

Apostolic Immersion Project (AIP) is a non-profit educational program geared towards leadership development and missions. AIP is designed to challenge individuals and help them become apostolic leaders for the 21st century. Students will study apostolic doctrine, church leadership, and intercultural studies through online courses—and then be immersed in training in the mission field.

Havana, Cuba Following successful completion of online courses, students receive one week of hands-on training in Havana, Cuba. Trip includes seminars taught by church leaders and missionaries as well as practicum exercises to apply the principles taught. There are also revival services with believers from the host country and cultural excursions.

Who: Young adults, mid-career adults, retirees—anyone desiring to become more for God

What: Students are immersed in apostolic doctrine and then receive training in the mission field

When: Online courses run from August to May—immersion training is July 7th-14th 2018

Where: Online and in Havana, Cuba

Why: Empower individuals to fulfill their God-given potential

Program Outcomes:

Prepare individuals biblically and spiritually to serve in the local church

Strong foundation for leaders and ministers in training

Foster apostolic identity among AIP students and churches in the mission field

Impart skills for intercultural ministry

Provide pastors and local churches an opportunity to become involved in missions

Provide an avenue to further education (100% apostolic)

Graduates earn 12 college credits


AIP is possible because of pastors, missionaries, and volunteers who give their time and resources to empower others for the Kingdom.

AIP strives to work closely with local pastors by providing an avenue of apostolic training and excellence that will empower individuals for service in the local church.


Weeks Of Classes




College Credits




Our Features

Apostolic Education – Great Commission – Cultural Immersion

Partnership With Wilson University

AIP courses are completed online through our partnership with Wilson University (WU) and can be applied toward an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree. Please contact WU for more information concerning credits (800)-762-5990.

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Serve on the Mission Field

The capstone of AIP is a full schedule of seminar sessions and activities in Havana, Cuba. The trip will include a humanitarian project and opportunities to serve the local church community.

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Cultural Immersion

Cultural orientation sessions prepare students to communicate the gospel cross-culturally. Besides training seminars dealing with culture, students will experience “Cuban-style” church services and learn about the daily life of the Cuban people.

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Our Courses

Education and training are tools to help students maximize their cultural intelligence, establish strong biblical convictions, and increase their overall capacity to bless the mission field and their own home churches.  

Online courses engage students with guided learning, utilizing course readings, audio and video lectures, class discussions, and written assignments. Upon completion students receive 12 college credits.

AIP courses are completed online through our partnership with Wilson University (WU) and can be applied toward an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree. Please contact WU for more information concerning credits (800)-762-5990.

Missions 8 Weeks

Intercultural Studies

Students will explore basic understandings of the field of missiology and delve into the two basic aspects of the Great Commission: the apostolic and theological mandate. The student will study how to correctly contextualize the Gospel on the foreign field, and be expected to put theory into practice during the course.

Leadership 8 Weeks

Leadership Formation

This course explores the nature of spiritual formation in the life of the leader. The calling of God and sending of the minister is examined. In addition, the student will explore the relationship of spiritual authority and local church governance. The focus of this course is on the dynamics of leading healthy, growing churches and ministries.

Theology 8 Weeks

Biblical Principles

Students will receive a comprehensive overview of the Bible and examine ways in which the entire corpus of Scripture is integrated to become a single book. Emphasis is placed on the major themes, key Scriptures and major personalities of each book. Students will recognize the Bible as a “Pentecostal” book.

Doctrine 8 Weeks

Theological Foundations

Students will explore the various doctrines of the Christian faith in order to develop a more well-rounded theology upon which to build their ministry. The materials in this course will help students grasp a deeper understanding of basic theological frameworks found in Scripture, including the doctrine of God, God in Christ, the Holy Ghost, holiness, and the Church.

Our Instructors

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Nathaniel Houseman

M.A. Ministry & Intercultural Studies from Hope International University

B.A. Spanish from University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW)

B.A. Philosophy & Religion from UNCW

Missionary to Cuba

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Chris Olson

M.A. Organizational Leadership
Regent University

B.S. Organizational Leadership and Management
Regent University

teacher img

Dr. Amy Olson

Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (DSL)
Regent University

M.A. Health Education and Promotion
East Carolina University

B.S. Psychology
Northwestern State University